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FMG Portal: Leaders in providing Foreign Medical Graduates the assistance and direction they need to achieve medical residency in the U.S.

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Foreign Medical Graduates – Clinical Externships

Welcome to FMG Portal, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality US hands-on clinical training. Our program is strictly designed to meet residency program requirements for foreign graduates. Our clinicals will establish new relationships between yourself and attending physicians affiliated with teaching hospitals. Your placement will produce strong Letters of Recommendation which will result in being a more competitive residency applicant, yielding more residency interviews and ultimately successful residency placement.

We offer a network of placements throughout the United States, and in a variety of medical specialties in order to place our clients in a clinical externship that fits their goals. Our hands-on clinical externship programs are designed to match US residency program requirements for foreign graduate applicants. Having U.S. clinical experience not only increases the number of programs to which you may apply, but also gives you a competitive advantage over applicants without such experience.

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Foreign Medical Students – Clinical Electives

We thank you for your interest in FMG Portal, our student clinical elective department is designed to acclimate the Foreign Medical Student to the United States medical environment. FMG Portal provides you with superior hands-on U.S. Clinical Experience, which will allow you to acquire a strong understanding of the American medical system. Our elective program benefits both students opting to enter residency in America or in your home country, with highly valued Letters of Recommendation written to you by your Attending Physician who is affiliated with an ACGME(accredited teaching) hospital. Students wishing to later apply for residency in the U.S. will also have a significant advantage over other foreign students when applying to U.S. Residency Programs.

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"My first month with Dr. D was very beneficial and productive. He was very comfortable to work with, and provided the hands-on experience that I sought.This wonderful experience helped me prepare and build confidence in applying for residency"

A.M., MD (Placed in Residency at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, MD)