Clinical Externships

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Clinical Externships for Foreign Medical Graduates

Our Hands-On Externship programs are strictly designed to match residency program requirements applied to Foreign Graduate applications. Having U.S. Clinical Experience not only increases the number of programs to which you may apply, but also places you ahead of other applicants who do not have the experience. Below are descriptions of FMG Portal’s program information. *FMG Portal gives you the opportunity to contact your Attending Physician prior to submitting tuition payments. This allows you to ensure that you are satisfied with your placements.

The FMG Portal Difference

  • Clinical ExternshipsGuaranteed Hands-On Experience
  • Clinical Externships100+ Locations Nationwide
  • Clinical ExternshipsVisa Embassy Interview Assistance
  • Clinical ExternshipsERAS Document Revision
  • Clinical ExternshipsAccomodation Assistance
  • Clinical ExternshipsOnly ACGME Affiliated Attendings
  • Clinical ExternshipsOutpatient/Inpatient Availabilities
  • Clinical ExternshipsResidency Interview Preparation
  • Clinical ExternshipsMonthly Payment Program
  • Clinical ExternshipsMultiple LORs

Clinical Externship Plans

What does RMP signify?

RMP stands for Residency Matching Plan, our 3 and 6 month plans parallel the USCE requirements of United States residency programs.

3 Month Residency Matching Plan (3-RMP)

Our most popular Clinical Externship plan, the 3-RMP makes your residency application meet the requirements of approximately 80% of all U.S. programs, and places you in front of other applicants who have not completed 3 months of experience. Generally speaking, the 3 month plan is designed so that you gain clinical experience with 3 different attending physicians within the same specialty(or its sub-specialties). You will obtain the 3 separate Letters of Recommendation from your Attending Physicians.

6 Month Residency Matching Plan (6-RMP)

The most comprehensive and fulfilling of U.S. Externships, FMG Portal’s 6-RMP allows you to learn from more than one Attending Physician and places your application above all other applicants while boosting your understanding of the U.S. Clinical Environment. The 6-RMP plan makes your application as an FMG eligible to over 95% of all programs, and can yield up to 3 Letters of Recommendation.

Flexible Residency Matching Plans (FLEX-RMP)

Don’t have the time to complete a 3 or 6 month Externship, but want to strengthen the weight of your residency application? This is the plan for you! Our FLEX plan allows you to schedule externships that match your schedule. Please contact us today in order to learn about all of our externship opportunities.

FMG Portal's Best Value - 3 Month/3 LOR Plan

Our most recommended and efficient plan, FMG Portal’s Triple Play™ will maximize a 3 month externship experience by placing you with 3 different Attending Physicians, yielding 3 Letters of Recommendation. You may also opt to gain experience in up to 3 specialties during this time. The Triple Play™ is based on availability. Early enrollment will result in more location/specialty options.

Medical Student Electives

FMG Portal also provides invaluable US Hands-On Clinical Electives/Clerkships for foreign medical students and have been working a with a large array of foreign universities worldwide.

“Click Here for Student Electives”

Ask about our rates, as well as our

3, 6, and 12 month discounted comprehensive packages.