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  • Why Choose UsGuaranteed Hands-On Experience
  • Why Choose Us100+ Locations Nationwide
  • Why Choose UsVisa Embassy Interview Assistance
  • Why Choose UsERAS Document Revision
  • Why Choose UsAccomodation Assistance
  • Why Choose UsOnly ACGME Affiliated Attendings
  • Why Choose UsOutpatient/Inpatient Availabilities
  • Why Choose UsResidency Interview Preparation
  • Why Choose UsMonthly Payment Program
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Why FMG Portal Remains your Most Professional Hands-On Clinical Provider

FMG Consultation

We Care. FMG Portal strives to give you straightforward answers to all of your questions regarding our hands-on clinicals. In contacting our dedicated staff, you will learn why we have been the most reliable and honest source of clinicals for foreign graduates and students since 2004.

“I benefited a lot from Dr. V., he’s a very good physician always willing to answer questions and teach the techniques and the latest advancements in Medicine. The whole crew are very friendly and I wish I could spend more time there. Thanks a lot for your kind care and you’re definitely going to hear from me again. I already recommended you to 2 of my friends who are coming to practice medicine in the states.“ – E.S., MD (Placed in Residency at Fairview Hospital, OH)

Long-Term Affiliations between FMG Portal and its Attendings

Experience. It’s true. FMG Portal began offering top-notch clinical experience for FMGs in 2004. We have long-term affiliations with our Board Certified Attending Physicians who are all affiliated with teaching hospitals. We are constantly evaluating the performance of our Attending Physicians to ensure that you receive the experience that will boost your residency applications.

“My Externship with Dr. H. is going great! I couldn’t have wished for a better advisor and Attending Physician. Thanks for your help!“ – I.A., MD (Placed in Residency at New York Methodist Hospital, NY)

Complimentary CV and Personal Statement Revision

Guidance. FMG Portal will make a free initial review of your resume and personal statement. Simply submit your documents and we will let you know if what you’ve submitted is a clear reflection of your overall qualifications. The initial review is free of charge and comes highly recommended.

“The exposure and experience I received during my externship was very helpful. It gave me an idea how the medical system works in USA. I am an old FMG (passed 10 years ago) and chances of getting interviews were slim. I feel my externship definitely made a big difference in getting me more interviews. The recommendation letters from the doctors I worked with were really impressive. Today I am in my 2nd year of family medicine residency in one of the best hospitals in Florida. I am very grateful to everyone at FMG portal for making my dreams come true.“ – J.M., MD (Placed in Residency at Bayfront Hospital, St. Petersburg, FL)

Accommodation and Visa Application Assistance

Assistance. FMG Portal offers numerous hands-on externship and elective locations nationwide for your convenience. If you need to find low-cost accommodations in a certain location and would like help in doing so, we will certainly help you. In most locations, we will inform you of our network of discounted accommodations which are up to 50% cheaper than the average going rate, saving you hundreds of dollars every month. We also have experience with and will help you to acquire a US Visa from documentation to embassy interview support.

“I spent 3 months with Dr. P. in Chicago for a general internal medicine externship. He was such a wonderful teacher with a great personality. I had the chance to meet many clinical cases which really helped in recovering my ability to interact with patients in clinical setting, which is a very precious experience and a prerequisite to match with a program.“ – D.Z., MD (Placed in Residency at USD Sanford Medical School, SD)

Multiple Letter of Recommendation Possibilities

Comprehensive. It is a fact that the longer the duration of your hands-on clinical externship or elective, and the greater the number of LORs obtained will greatly improve your chances of being matched. If you would like to complete an externship or elective with more than one Attending Physician and/or specialty, we will work with you to secure a schedule that suits your needs.

“I got matched. Thank you so much for everything you did for me. I will spread good words for you guys whenever I can. Thank you again.“ – D.R., MD (Placed in Residency at St. Luke’s Hospital, OH)

References Always Available and Verifiable

Unbiased Reviews. All of our references are from previous FMG Portal clients. Our former clients are more than happy to share their experiences with you. If you would like references from specific externship locations, we can provide you with contacts who have completed a clinical externship with a specific Attending Physician of your choice. References of previous FMG Portal clients currently in residency are also available.

“The Attending Physicians were very attentive and thorough when explaining medical procedures to me. I not only gained an in-depth knowledge of the U.S. medical system, but I had also established a great rapport with the Attendings so that I could use them as a U.S. contact when necessary.“ – A.E., MD (Placed in Residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Louisville, KY

Monthly Payment Option Always Available

Flexibility. FMG Portal is confident that once you begin your hands-on clinical experience with our organization, you will be greatly satisfied. Our externs typically complete, if not extend, the overall duration of their clinical experience due to the overall quality of our program. This explains why we do not feel the need to charge you for the total duration of your externship in one invoice.

“I’m having a great time with Dr. C, …he is really going out of his way to make sure that I am learning from the Externship“ – R.G., MD (Placed in Residency at Western Pennsylvania Hospital, PA)

95% of our placements have a maximum of 1 or 2 students for each Attending Physician

Quality. Unfortunately, many programs will limit your experience for their own interests by placing as many FMGs as possible per Attending. You will not find this at FMG Portal

“My clinical externship arranged through FMG portal was a great and helpful experience. I worked with a teaching attending physician who is affiliated with a US medical school, residency program and a teaching hospital, thus providing me, an International Medical Graduate (IMG) client, with critical hands-on experience including patient history assessment, patient physical examination, complete interaction and dialogue with attending physician, experience in the US clinical environment, charting/SOAP note taking. The externship has given me a chance to apply what I have learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. It also provided me with a highly valuable letter of recommendation. Thank you FMG portal and thank you Victoria for flawless cooperation.“ -M.K., MD (Placed in Residency at Caritas Carney Hospital, MA)

Ability to Speak with your Attending Prior to being Invoiced

Transparency. Do you have any doubts about your future clinical experience? Do you want straightforward answers to your questions directly from your Attending Physician before submitting the externship or elective fee? No problem. FMG Portal is more than happy to allow you to speak with your Attending Physician prior to paying your tuition invoice.

“I would like to thank FMG Portal for helping me in attaining a residency position. Dr. A has been of great help to me and he completely prepared me for my interview and I truly appreciate his help. He is an enthusiastic teacher and without his help it was impossible for me to get this. Anyhow, once again thank you so much for your help and I wish you the best of luck“ – R.D., MD (Placed in Residency at Henry Ford Health System, MI)

Friendly, Respectful, and Professional Staff

Support. All it takes is a call to our main office at 678-755-7471 to realize that we really are here to help you. No other externship program offers higher quality, transparency, and honesty. FMG Portal… since 2004.