“I want to say that my externship with Dr. A. is fantastic. Dr. F. is really a very nice and kind person, always helping me learn more. I’m glad that I am working under him as my first opportunity. He really boosted my confidence and inculcated in me the right approach towards patients and management.”

– Dr. Jaya M. (San Francisco, CA)

“I really do appreciate your effort of accomodating me with an Externship placement, and I am having a wonderful experience with my Attending. He not only gives a complete hands-on experience, but also takes great effort in answering queries for teaching purposes”

– Dr. Sagorika B. (New York, NY)

“I would like to thank FMG Portal for helping me in attaining a residency position. Dr. B has been of great help to me and he completely prepared me for my interview and I truly appreciate his help. He is an enthusiastic teacher and without his help it was impossible for me to get this. Anyhow, once again thank you so much for your help and I wish you the best of luck”

– Dr. Rahi D. (Seattle, WA)

“I will always be a reference for your service, I would do anything for your company”

– Dr. Chie M. (Fukuoka, Japan)

“The Externship was all you said it would be. Dr. C. is an excellent physician both from the clinical and academic point of view. I have learned a lot from him in the past month. It is a hands-on clinical experience where I deal with the patients first hand. Everything worked out for the best. I will have my friends contact you earlier than I did so that by the time they’re here in the US everything will be all set. Thank you very much for your efforts and Happy Holidays to you all”

–Dr. Anmar K. (Chicago, IL)

“I’m having a great time with Dr. A, …he is really going out of his way to make sure that I am learning from the Externship”

– Dr. Rich G. (Seattle, WA)

“Thank you once again for your help. I can honestly say that FMG Portal has come through on more than one occasion for me”

– Dr. Anna B. (London, England)

“My Externship with Dr. H. is going great! I couldn’t have wished for a better advisor and Attending Physician. Thanks for your help!”

– Dr. Iman A. (Baltimore, MD)

“Your work is so impressive and I appreciate it very much. Dr. N. is a very conscientious and particular physician. What has impressed me most is that he loves his patients and takes care of them and their families physically and mentally. Many of them are his patients of 30 or even 40 years. I have obtained a lot of hands-on experience such as history-taking, physical examination, electrocardiogram operation and data interpretation, differential diagnoses, management of the diseases including life-style modification, etc. I have also improved interpersonal communication skills which help them understand their diseases and cope with them. It is very nice to have this kind of experience which will help me prepare and build confidence in applying for residency. Thanks again for your great job.”

– Dr. Bixiu W. (Manhattan, NY)

“I got matched. Thank you so much for everything you did for me. I will spread good words for you guys whenever I can. Thank you again.”

– Dr. Daan R. (Los Angeles, CA)

“J’apprecie grandement votre excellent service et encore plus votre professionalisme. Reste assure, je maintiendrai le contact et des maintenant je me mets a votre service.”

– Dr. Jean J. (Miami, FL)

“My first month with Dr. D. is very beneficial and productive. He is very comfortable to work with. He provides hands-on experience. This wonderful experience will help me prepare and build confidence in applying for the residency”

– Dr. Helen M. (Baltimore, MD)

“My Externship is going great. It is indeed a very good learning experience and of course a big plus for the residency applications. You all are doing a great job and I am thinking of recommending your company’s name to my friends and acquaintances who are looking for similar opportunities”

– Dr. Prabhjot K. (Los Angeles, CA)

“I benefited a lot from Dr. V., he’s a very good physician always willing to answer questions and teach the techniques and the latest advancements in Medicine. The whole crew are very friendly and I wish I could spend more time there. Thanks a lot for your kind care and you’re definitely going to hear from me again. I already recommended you to 2 of my friends who are coming to practice medicine in the states.”

– Dr. Emad S. (New York, NY)

“Your kindness, promptness, and professional advice are deeply appreciated. I have learned a great deal from you and wish to extend my profound gratitude. Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you, I am. With much appreciation.”

– Dr. Mai. N (Chicago, IL)

“My Externship with Dr. H. is going great! I couldn’t have wished for a better advisor and Attending Physician. Thanks for your help!”

– I.A., MD (Placed in Residency at New York Mehodist Hospital, NY)